Somali Ophthalmological Society

Dr. Said Hussein Gedi, MD, Consultant Eye Surgeon

Executive Committee members:
Vice President / General Secretary : Dr. Omar Ismail Mohamed
Treasure / Editor : Dr. Abdirahman Abdullahi Ali Hayle


As a member in COECSA (College of Ophthalmology Eastern, Central and Southern Africa) and MEACO (Middle East, African Council of Ophthalmology), the Somali Ophthalmological Society (SOS) has established due to the increased need of a quality eye care in the country wide (Somalia), and have a very shortage Ophthalmologist less then Ophthalmologist for over 12 million populations. Thus, this shortage has caused a wide spread of preventable and curable blindness in the country, especially among the man power and young aged population. Somali Ophthalmological Society has only 5 Ophthalmologist working in the whole Country; three are based in Mogadishu & working in private clinics and the other two are based in Puntland (Garowe, Galkacyo & Bosaso).

Since 1991 after the Civil War, the Government’s infrastructure has collapsed and the absence of National Eye Hospitals, the majority of ophthalmic elites have moved away from the country. We currently have professional ophthalmologists recently trained abroad, mainly from the University of Nairobi and obtained a Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology (MMed Ophthalmology) and after completing our training, we decided to return back to Somalia to serve our people and deliver a high Standard of Eye Health Care in Somalia which compares to the international standard.

WSPOS Member Chapters

President/Head: Dr. Dastagir Amiri MD, PGD, Ophthalmologist

Algerian Ophthalmology Society ChapterAlgerian Ophthalmology Society

President/Head: Professor Ourida Ouhadj

President/Head: Prof. Elmar Qasimov

President/Head: Prof. A.H.M. Enayet Hussain

President/Head: Prim. Neda Striber, MD

President/Head: Dr. Fitsum Bekele

President/Head: Karima lamin Shalabi, MD

President/Head: Dr. Gerald Msukwa

President/Head: Dr Suman Thapa, MD, PhD

President/Head: Dr. Dupe Ademola-Popoola

Polish Ophthalmological Society ChapterPolish Ophthalmological Society

President/Head: Prof. Iwona Grabska-Liberek

President/Head: Dr Igor Aznauryan, MD, Dr. Sc., Prof

President/Head: Prof. Natasa Vidovic Valentincic

President/Head: Christopher Tinley; SOUTH AFRICA

President/Head: Dr. Pradeepa K. Siriwardena; DO, MS, FRCS

President/Head: Dr. Ssali Grace

President/Head: Dr. Misa Funjika-Mulamba

President/Head: Akim Mashoko

WSPOS Member Societies



President/Head: Dr Craig Donaldson


President/Head: Hilde Janssens


Britain and Ireland SocietyBritish and Irish Orthoptic Society (BIOS)


President/Head: Levi Kandeke


President/Head: Adriana Solano

President/Head: Marcia Beatriz Tartarella



President/Head: G. Darius Hildebrand FRCS FRCOphth FEBO

President/Head: Dominique Bremond-Gignac

President/Head: Prof. Dr. Michael Schittkowski / Prof. Dr. Ina Sterker

President/Head: Dr. Dipl.-Kfm. Philip Gass

President/Head: Prof. Pradeep Sharma


International Orthoptic Association SocietyInternational Orthoptic Association

President/Head: Jan Roelof Polling

International Society for Genetic Eye Disease and Retinoblastoma (ISGEDR) SocietyInternational Society for Genetic Eye Disease and Retinoblastoma (ISGEDR)

President/Head: Birgit Lorenz

President/Head: Hamzah Almajedi

President/Head: Alvit Wolf

Israeli Orthoptic SocietyIsraeli Orthoptic Society

President/Head: Guy Barnett-Itzhaki

President/Head: Prof. Adriano Magli

President/Head: Dr. Essam Batayneh

President/Head: Dr Kenneth Choong-Sian Fong

President/Head: Dr. Eduardo Chavez Mondragon

President/Head: Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed

President/Head: Prof Khin Ommar Khine

President/Head: Prof PS Maher

President/Head: Dr. Norman Fajardo


President/Head: Professor Audrey Chia

President/Head: Dr José Luis Güell



President/Head: Ons lahouimel

President/Head: Osman Sevki

President/Head: Nataliya Pasyechnikova

President/Head: Dr Gerald W Zaidman